Monday, December 12, 2016

About us

community space in Tiruvannamalai to anchor explorations around holistic living.

We believe that the ecological, economic, political and social crises of our times are all manifestations of a deep spiritual crisis. The events and dialogues that we anchor here aim to help in deepening our understanding of the crisis, its inner and outer dimensions, and healing at both the individual and collective levels.

The space is run, and all offerings out of here are made, in the spirit of gift culture. Those who engage with the space are invited to contribute in any manner they feel called to.

Third Space is closely associated with Ritambhara and hosts some of their activities in Tiruvannamalai.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Families Gathering

Individuals and families interested in conscious ways of living and learning met and shared their journeys, questions, dreams and fears, finding inspiration, strength and support from each other as they plan or take their next steps. A walk up the hill, time at the Ramana Ashram and the park, a visit to Marudam Farm School and Achalam farm were some things we did. There are plans to host more such gatherings in the future. 

Engrossed in sharing life stories while the children play in the park

Playing a board game

Introduction to Yoga in the Krishnamacharya Tradition

January 17 (9-10.30 am)
Facilitated by Priya Nagesh

Sacred Movement

January 16 (9-11 am)
Facilitated by Lakshmi Sriraman

A workshop to learn simple and easy ways to ground, balance and connect
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September 11-13
Facilitated by Roy Jacob and Priya Prabhakaran

Pause is a residential retreat where we aim to co-create a safe space where we can welcome, listen to and share of ourselves in all our diversity, challenge ourselves to grow in new ways, and learn from each other.  Facilitated sessions throughout the day help us explore different aspects of ourselves, our relationships, and our connections with the wider world.  

For Whom?
Anyone interested in self-discovery and change at the personal, interpersonal, social and ecological levels.
Preferred age group is 20-35.  
We ask that everyone attend for the whole duration so as to maximize the potential for the whole group.
For this Pause we aim for around 10-12 people total.

Why Pause?
Often, in the busyness of daily life, we miss the opportunity to slow down and take a fresh look at what is really important to us.  To Pause is to take a step back from our routine, and to engage with each other for a time of deep listening, sharing from our hearts, reconnecting to Nature, and finding renewed vision and purpose. It is an invitation to step out of our comfort zone, and work on our own healing as well as the healing of the world. It is a call to take a fresh look at the patterns we are in, and realign with how we really want to be.

What might a Pause look like?
Pausing is one of those things that is difficult to explain without experiencing.  When a group of people come together with an intention to open up their hearts and be real, magic can happen.  Tears may flow.  We may look into each others eyes and receive a gift of healing.  Conflict may become the gateway for a breakthrough.   Despair for the state of the world can turn into empowerment.  And in the deep listening to our hearts and to Nature, new possibilities for ourselves and the world may emerge.

This Pause will be conducted primarily in English.  However we welcome people to speak in the language they are comfortable with, and it can be translated into English.  

By Whom?
The Pause will be led by Facilipators (Facilitators who are also fully Participating).  We do not claim to be experts out to teach our knowledge, but rather co-explorers on this journey.  Facilipators for this Pause include Roy Jacob and Priya Prabhakaran.

At the end of the Pause we will tally up costs incurred, and invite people to contribute according to their ability.  Please do not let finances keep you from coming.

To register, please fill out the form at:

If you have questions, please write to:


Facilitated by Neesha Noronha
February 1, 4-6 pm